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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

"Crassus and Boadicea."

"Crassus and Boadicea."

"We met; 'twas in a crowd." —Bayly.—

Boadicea—Behold me here a warrior queen
With a womanly heart afire.
Crassus—And I am a Roman Prince I ween.
Did anyone mention liar!
Both—The banns will make a stir in Rome,
Of Cæsar and Boadicea.
Crsasus—For in point of fact I've a missus at home (twice)
Boadicea—And I have a husband here.
Boadicea—Now, what would I do if your civilised wife
Suddenly interfered?
Crassus—A thing like that in the Roman life
Is easily engineered.
A man in Rome has a power they call
The vitæ necesique,
And a sizeable club will answer all
A woman may have to say.
Both—Oh, it's not such a bad sort of power at all,
The vitæ necis que.
Crassus—And what would I do if your warrior boy
Came sudden-like on the job?
Boadicea—He'd relish a chance with chastened joy
To scuttle a Roman nob.
I promise he'll prove a nasty snag
You'd do very well to void.
Crassus—It seems that this matrimonial gag
Will keep me well employed. (twice)

Boadicea—So as I have beauty; (C.) and I have brain,
Both—We ought to make a hit.
Crassus—And I pledge my troth like an amorous swain
Both—On the half of a threepenny bit.
Crassus—I'll be your faithful character
Fo rever B.) or thereabout.
Both—So Julius Cæsar and Boadicea
May be paid to be walking out.

"A thousand, melodies unheard before." —Rogers.

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