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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

The Argument

The Argument.

  • Act I.—The Political Débâcle. Relating how a certain aspirant for Prime Ministerial laurels in March last visited the Witches' Cavern, bribed them to reveal the new Premier, and to conjure up the caucus met to select the Cabinet, and relating how they waxed merry over his shattered ambitions.
  • Act II.—Irving's Waterloo. (An entirely distinct act.)
    • Scene 1.: Irving's dream, the night before the elocutionary contest, 1912 The bribing of the judge.
    • Scene 2: The meeting of the N.Z.. Competitions Society, 1912, showing how certain citizens participated, each after his own style, and the judge gave a startling and original judgment, showing" also how world-famed celebrities may yet fall before the powers of our own local talent.
  • Act III.—The Fall from Grace. Being a revival of the [unclear: ar-ient] Greek conception of Hades, showing how the characters in the previous acts would fare at the hands of the Grecian shades, and showing also how Hades itself came to fall into oblivion. Being further a delineation of what might possibly ensue were one of the Gymnasium rules not in force.
    • Gymnasium Rule. No. 25: No women students shall be allowed in the Gymnasium after 5 p.m.
    • Query: Do the professors think that some such scene as herein depicted might possibly take place if the rule were not in existence?