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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

Act I. — The Political Débâcle

page 14

Act I.

The Political Débâcle.

Scene: The Witches Cavern, Tinakori Hills.

"Oh, what a fall was there, my countrymen,
Then you and I and all the rest of us
Fell down."

Witches' Song.

We are witches from the ditches
Of the world that lies below;
We are ladies come from Hades,
And to Hades back we go.

It's delightful! It's delightful!
On this earth once more to be.
I'm a land witch, I'm a sand witch,
I'm a witch that haunts the sea.

There be many kinds of witches,
Who appear in sundry guise;
There be witches who have riches,
There be those with dreamy eyes.

We advise you! We advise you!
If your peace of mind you prize,
Have a fear of and keep clear of
Those who use their dreamy eyes.

Oh, the times past, they were fast times,
And we perished at the stake,
But the present, most unpleasant,
Looks upon us as a fake.

It is lovely! It is lovely!
When the creeping flame one feels,
One remembers that one's embers
May be used for cooking meals.

You have read of what was said of
That once gay and giddy spark,
Who was feted, then cremated,
We refer to Joan of Arc.

page 15

It is splendid! It is splendid!
When one seeks an honoured niche,
To be blighted and then lighted
As a very wicked witch.

And they frightened unenlightened
Little children with such tales,
As that if they stayed in bed long,
We should turn them into snails.

It was glorious! It was glorious!
When the vengeance that one wreaks
Well-intentioned persons mentioned,
It was met with awful shrieks.

"Double, double, toil and trouble,"
Let it thunder, let it rain,
"Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
When shall we three meet again?"

That is Shakespeare! That is Shakespeare!
He is dead and in his shroud.
Why should three meet? Does it seem meet?
Two's enough, and three's a crowd.

It is charming! It is charming!
Thus to skip and hop and run,
But the stitches in these witches
Are acoming all undone.

Thus and so on we could go on
Into verses half a score,
But the audience look so bored, hence
We wont sing them any more.

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page 17


Capping Songs

Lacrimaeque Decorae.

When the mist's dishevelled tresses
On the hills are scattered free;
Across the white-fringed spaces
Slide the long winds gustily.
No thought for your sweet complexions.
That sun-tanned tale aside,
There are forts to he defended
On the harbour's further side.

Ghosts of College hockey girls,
Unappreciated pearls,
We can see all that we owe you,
And belated homage pay.
Ghosts of College hockey girls,
Deem us not unthinking churls,
For we're lone and sad without you
On the "Duchess" for the Bay.

We will miss the clam'rous concert
And the banter backward thrown,
To sing to the alien foolish
The songs that we call our own.
And we'll gloom at the crooked waters,
And scowl at the shiv'ring screw.
Come ye back, ye splendid playmates,
Fly the Gold and Green anew!

Runs a whisper on the wave-tops,
The waiting ranges moan,
False are our summer fancies
As we take the trail alone.
Lure O' the desperate rally,
The hot shot driven true,
Fail when the full street's glamour
Has taken her tithe of you.