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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912


page 12


Now here we have men of every kind,
And most of them sport enough;
Some spend midnights making mind,
But most a time that's short enough, that's short enough.
They jump like rockets, and they run like hares;
They dance like crickets till the midnight wears.
Talking, quibbling, over rules and such,
At exams you'll find won't help you much!
Men are such sillies when they come to Coll.,
Forget that they swatted when they won a schol.
Flirting, playing, all their skill displaying.
Nothing matters to the men at Coll.!

And girls we have of every sort:
Some are pretty, but the most are not,
Though every one could be called a sport.
And bless us! how the girls can swat,
The girls, how they can swat!
They read through volumes, and they cram up notes,
Know all the points on which each Prof. just dotes;
Picken's simple, John Brown-means no toil,
But they forget their charms will spoil!
Girls are such sillies when they come to Coll.,
Waste all their "chances" just to get a schol.
Men are charming, suffragettes alarming,
Nothing matters to the girls at Coll!

Now, students they are queer folk, there's no doubt,
We're none of us so very wise;
We come, to swat, but we soon find out
That ambition of learning dies, all ambition soon dies.
We smile at sages and we mock at time,
Exams have no terrors for our hearts sublime,
Profs. may lecture, text-books we may buy,
We can't get through although we try.
Who's such a silly as an undergrad?
Always apparent if there's fun to be had;
Always lacking where there is brain-racking.
Nothing matters to the undergrad!


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