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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

The Sorrows of Virtue

page 9

The Sorrows of Virtue.

I've always been, since I was three,
Anxious to gain an LL.B.,
That is a job that just suits me,
I'm such a good talker.
I thought I ought to
Come to Wellington;
There at the great 'Varsity
Students are coached for their degree.
There I'd shine,
The profs. would think me "AI."
Now that Adamson's caught the flu
Bright are my chances of getting through.
It's a short life and a gay one.

So I climbed up the hill to swot
Contracts and torts and all that rot,
Garrow soon made the pace too hot,
So I joined the wasters.
I harrow Garrow,
I'm so thick in the head.
His thoughts of me are most unkind,
He says at work I lag behind.
The other day
He said enough to slay one.

"If you don't take my lectures," to me he said,
"You'd better stop working, you're, just as well dead."
It's a hard life, not a gay one.

What would you do if you were me?
My style of work seems all at sea.
I don't now want an LL.B.,
I want to stop working.
I'm not a swotter,
They have to work too hard.
I'll look round to try and, find
Some soft job that's silver-lined.
The Government
Really ought to pay one,
And then I'll say to myself, Be gay,
You've nothing to do but to draw your pay.
It's a long life and a gay one.


Yes, Jerry, it Should be "tigress."