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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

I Wonder

I Wonder.

"Have you ever done it yourself, Max?"

When a man's getting old and contented and fat,
He delights to discourse with a friend
Of the games that he played and the tricks he was at,
And the dances he used to attend.
But at times recollection is clouded with woe;
He remembers with sorrow and pain
The professors he cursed in the dim long ago . . .
So he curses them over again.

"I wonder who's cursing them now,
I wonder who's cursing them now;
I wonder how they are all getting on:
Prosy John, Wicked Von,
Is Laby as gay as of old?
Has Hunter returned to the fold?
I wonder if Mac is a golf maniac,
I wonder who curses them now."

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page 6

When a man's getting old, he is wise to display
A respectful regard for the truth,
But he recollects perfectly Rawdon St. J.
And the humbugs he met in his youth.
He remembers concocting a famous reply,
Being fined by the Captain, and how
He once pulled Beere's leg with a palpable lie . . .
And he wonders who's pulling it now!

"I wonder who's pulling it now,
I wonder who's riling him now,
I wonder who's drilling out on the park,
In [unclear: the] dark! (What a lark!)
Is Easterfield weary of fame?
Has Zedlitz deserted the game?
I wonder if Short has gone back on the sport,
I wonder who bullies them now!"

When a man's getting old, he is cheerful and sleek,
But his muscle and wind do not last,
So his mind sympathetic with folk that are weak,
Raises footballers out of the past.
He laments o'er his own disappearing physique,
But concludes with this positive vow:
He would rather be old than get licked once a week. . .
And he wonders who's licking them now!

"I wonder who's licking them now!
I wonder who's doing it now!
I wonder who's dropping the easy pass
On the grass! (Silly ass!)
I wonder if all of them play
In the old lackadaisical way;
Do the papers still croak? Are the wasters a joke?
I wonder who's licking them now!"

Victoria College v. Southern. 18—3.

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