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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

Graduates of the Year

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Graduates of the Year.

"Learned without sense, and venerably dull."—Churchill.

The following Graduates will be capped on Friday, 28th June, 1912, at Wellington:—

Doctor of Science.

  • Thompson, J. A. (Otago)

"What is it, to be wise?"

Honours in Arts and M.A.

Casey, Ellen C. Third-class Latin and English
Graham, Elsie D. Second-class Latin and German
Isaac, Nora G. Third-class Botany
Jenkins, Harriette Second-class Botany
Saxon, Gwendoline Second-class French and German
Teychenné, Annie Second-class Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Burns, John C. Third-class Political Science
Caddick, Alfred E. Third-class English and German
Watson, Ronald S. Second-class Mental Science
Mazengarb, O. C. (Otago) Second-class Political Science

Master of Arts.

  • Burns. A. N.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Cathie, Winifred A.
  • Everett, Gladys G.
  • Fogelberg, Norma E.
  • McHardie, Winifred E.
  • Palmer, Alice M.
  • Pemberton, Leila E. I.
  • Scott, Jessie
  • Hird, William E.
  • Jackson, George C.
  • Kibblewhite, Bruce M.
  • Bates, Frederick A.
  • Benge, Alfred J. H.
  • Brock, Herbert F.
  • Castle, Arthur P.
  • Hall, Vincent J. B.
  • Hall-Jones, Frederick G.
  • Henderson, Hubert
  • Morrison, John C.
  • Robinson, Alfred H.
  • Haslett, Aileen I. (Otago)
  • Millard, J. N. (Otago)

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Honours in Science and M.Sc.

Burbidge, Percy W. First-class in Electricity; in Heat Second-class

"Yes, Percy, she Has got blue eyes, but I wouldn't say so much about it."

Bachelors of Science.

  • Levi, Leila E.
  • Robertson, George H.

"Oh, to-night we'll merry be, to-morrow we'll be sober."—Milton.

Bachelors of Law.

  • de la Mare, F. A.
  • Acheson, F. O. V.
  • Kelly. F. E.
  • Eichelbaum, S.
  • Cook, H. L.
  • West, F. L. G.
  • Oram, M. H.
  • Dale, J. M.
  • Russell, N. R. (Auckland)

"He saw a lawyer killing a viper,
And the Devil smiled, for it put him in mind
of Cain and his brother Abel."


Senior Scholarships.

Cathie, Winifred A. Botany
Brock, Herbert F. Latin
Robertson, George H. Zoology
Robinson, Alfred H. Greek

"What's to be done with these poor helpless chaps?"

Jacob Joseph Scholarships.

  • Jenkins, Harriette
  • Burbidge, P.W.

Sir George Grey Scholarship.

  • Fulton, J. G., and Bruce, R. M.

1851 Exhibition Research Scholarship.

Rigg, Theodore (Burbidge, P. W., specially commended)

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