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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th June, 1906

Virtue's Reward

Virtue's Reward.

"Politics we bar,
They are not our bent;
On the whole we are
Not intelligent."

Princess Ida.

"Nay, tempt me not,
To rank I'll not be bound.
In lowly cot,
Alone is virtue found."


"Last year Dr. Findlay's seat on the College Council was forfeited for non-attendance. During three years he actually attended 8 out of 36 meetings. On election this year by the Education Board he was promptly made Chairman of the College Council. —News Item.

Air—"Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer."

When the Council of College a chairman requires,
(Oh, an honour transcendent, I swear);
Have you got a suggestion—what guides the election,
Of the man for the vacant chair?
In the first place assume, he's by chance in the room,
Which creates such a joyful surprise—
That they think "Would you dare Sir! If placed in the Chair Sir,
Next meeting of Council despise!"

Here are men of the City quite sure to attend,
Bell and Watson are safe at the Board.
There is Knight who's a grafter, but him we're not after,
Now whom can we choose of the horde?
Ah yes, there is one almost sure not to come,
So let's bind him down for a span;
He will lecture on duty, we'll think "What a beauty!"
Yes, Findlay John George, is the man.

Then also remember his colour is right,
Our troubles to Joseph he'll tell;
When tastes are political, don't be too critical
For that pays exceedingly well.

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And Findlay well knows which way the wind blows,
At the banquets of Labour he shines.
If for College half-hearty—he's there with the "Party,"
And worships at popular shrines.