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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th June, 1906

Sing Me to Sleep

Sing Me to Sleep.

"You're exceedingly polite,
And I think it only right."

H.M.S. Pinafore.

Sing me to sleep, the board so bright
Dazzles my eyes with shining light;
Figures grow mixed, my brain feels numb,
Tangents and sines have made me succumb.

"Madam your words so wise,
Nobody should despise."

Princess Ida.

Bing me to sleep I m filled with woe
By visions of things I ought to know,
Props. I must learn and formulae
Useful to me in exams same day.

Prof. I am weary, maths, are so dry,
If I snore loudly pass the fact by;
Euclid is puzzling, trig, is so deep,
Sing me to sleep Prof., sing me to sleep.

Sing me to sleep, Prof., you alone
Seem to possess the soothing tone;
Haply my maths, will cause thee pain
When I awake from sleep again.

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Sing me to sleep, your lectures dry
Are mere sing-songs of x and y.
Only a cough friend let me hear,
Warning the closing hour is near.

Prof. I am hungry, tea-time is nigh;
If I sigh gently you will know why.
When time is up, just tread on my feet
To wake me from sleep, friends, wake me from sleep.