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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th June, 1906

Nos Tela Haud Debile Dextra Spargimus

Nos Tela Haud Debile Dextra Spargimus.

"I see no objection to Stoutness—in moderation." —Iolanthe.

The chancellor said, with a nod of his head,
At a solemn Senate meeting,
That for ruffianly noise, these 'Varsity boys,
Would take quite a lot of beating;
So he thought it was plain, if it happened again
That the speakers weren't respected,
There was only one way, that on each "capping day,"
These ruffians should be ejected.

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"From every kind of man obedience I expect." —Mikado.

He hadn't then visited Melbourne, yes Melbourne, great Melbourne,
So now he'll appreciate Kelburne, our Kelburne, dear Kelburne,
And though still with fierce wrath he may well burn,
At thought how they treated him there,
He's nought to complain of at Kelburne,
So gentle, so modest, so fair.

The Coll. has been raised, the Government praised,
And we've all said "Thank you" sweetly.
But there're some bewail wrongs, for they say it belongs
To Easterfield's lot completely.
For they have for a fact, with strategical tact,
Collared nearly all the new rooms,
While the poor old Law School must go round like a fool,
And beg the loan of a few rooms.

"Now is not this ridiculous?
Explain it if you can."


Its true that we've got the Law School, the Law School, the Law School,
But still we're in need of some more school, some more school, some more school;
And just now, though its rather a sore school,
'Cos Easterfield's beaten it so,
As soon as you give it some more school,
'Twill bob up serene from below.

"I'm now a respectable chap.
I shine with a virtue resplendent."

Trial by Jury.

We held a bazaar, the best way by far
To raise money, that could be, O,
Though 'twas one raised the wrath, of the stern J. J. North,
'Gainst his dear old friend, Pat Keogh.
And you all must confess, 'twas indeed a success
And no raffles shocked our morals,
And our good luck held out, for the Easter team stout,
Came back with most of the laurels.

"All hail — to your bright rays!
We never grudge ecstatic praise."

Trial by Jury.

The team we sent South was a bonser, a bonser, a bonser,
At tennis and talk took the scone sir, the scone sir, the scone sir,
And old Joynt who's at talking a don sir,
Said, "Gents, when this prize I assign,
I say e'en ould Dublin's no mon sir,
Can reach the FitzKelly combine."

page 9

"At whose exalted shrine
A world of wealth is kneeling."


The choice of the board, we loudly applaud.
And our Salmond 'll find us willing;
And as all well may see, he's of high pedigree,
For his book costs us twenty shilling;
And our hats let's all doff, to Justinian the Prof,
One of our new institutions,
And he's started this year, his profess'nal career,
With many notes and resolutions.

"Calls the glory from the Gray." —Browning.

A new man has come to teach teachers, teach teachers, teach teachers,
To deal with their small fellow creatures, —ow creatures, —ow creatures,
When to spank and to punish the sweet dears,
And when to let patience hold sway,
These, gentlemen, are the main features,
Of th' doctrine of Will—i—am Gray.

"Youth will have its fling." —Pirates of Penzance.