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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th June, 1906

Part I

Part I.

1. Capping Song

"The Song of Victoria College." (page 3)

"Wisdom married to immortal verse." —Wordsworth.


"Go to Coll." (page 4)

"All kinds of vulgar prejudices
I pray you set aside."

Trial by Jury.

2. Solo "Carmen Sita." Miss Strack

"You'll soon get used to her looks, said he, And a very nice girl you'll find her."

Trial by Jury.

3. Solo Mr. B. J. Jacobs

"Whose vocal villanies

All desire to shirk." —Mikado.

4. Capping Song "Honour where due." (page 6)

"This is the sorrowful story
Told when the twilight fails,
And the monkeys walk together
Holding each other's tails."


5. 'Cello Solo "Musette" (Offenbach) Mr. Ernest C. Levvey

"Now here is a man whose physical
Attributes are simply godlike."


6. Solo Mr. F. P. Wilson

"Sang nothing in particular
And sang it very well."


7. Capping Song—"Local and General" (page 11)

"If you have tears prepare to shed them now."Julius Cesar.

8. Discourse On the Education of the Young Mr. H. F. O'Leary and Mr. W. Perry

"He scorns to tell a story." —Mikado.

"Upon this hint I [unclear: pake]." —Othello.

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