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Victoria College Students' Carnival. Friday and Saturday, 29th & 30th June, 1906

Graduates of the Year

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Graduates of the Year.

Honours in Arts.

  • E. E. M. Martin
  • Zoë Esther Poynter
  • M. W. C. Sprott

"Why, what a very cultivated kind of youth
This kind of youth must be."


Masters of arts.

  • John Henderson
  • Annie H. Tasker

—"No pretence
To intellectual eminence
Or scholarship sublime."


Bachelor of Music.

  • Florence B. Williams

"I am an acquired taste—only the educatea palate can appreciate me. —Mikado.

Masters of Science.

  • James Bee, M.A.
  • P. W. Robertson, M.A.
  • T. A. Hunter, M.A.

"Am I particularly intelligent, or remarkably studious, or excru ciatingly witty, or unusually accomplished, or exceptionally virtuous?"


Bachelors of Arts.

  • Jessie O. Abernethy
  • W. J. Andrew
  • E. W. Beaglehole
  • J. G. Bee
  • L. F. De Berry
  • Elsie M. Bollinger
  • R. P. Clarkson
  • Ada Eastwood
  • J. H. Goulding
  • Alice W. Griffiths
  • John Henderson
  • Fanny R. Livingstone
  • H. G. R. Mason
  • B. E. Murphy
  • Florence G. Roberts
  • Flo. Scott
  • Anastasia I. Slowey
  • Clara M. Taylor
  • Annie P. Tomlinson
  • Isabel E. S. Watson

Bachelor of Science.

  • P. W. Robertson, M.A.

"He exercises of his brains,—
That is, assuming that he's got any."


Bachelors of Laws.

  • C. B. Collins
  • O. N. Gillespie
  • J. G. Haddow
  • F. M. Martin
  • T. Neave
  • G. Toogood

Luce festa concinamus
Laureatos inuene;
Ad diploma gradientes
Concinamus virgines

Universitas salveto;
Cancellarius fioreat;
Ad honores largiendos
Multos annos maneat.