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A History of the Birds of New Zealand.

Volume I

Volume I.

Titlepage i
Dedication iii
Original Prospectus vvi
Preface to First Edition viiviii.
Notice of the New Edition ixx
Preface xi
Introduction xiiilxxxiv
Text 1236
Supplementary Notes 237250
Extracts From Reviews.
Plate I. Blue-wattled Crow (Glaucopis wilsoni).
Orange-wattled Crow (Glaucopis cinerea).
" II. Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris): male and female.
" III. Jack-bird (Creadion cinereus).
Saddle-back (Creadion carunculatus).
" IV. North-Island Thrush (Turnagra hectori).
South-Island Thrush (Turnagra crassirostris).
" V. North-Island Tomtit (Myiomoira toitoi).
South-Island Tomtit (Myiomoira macrocephala).
North-Island Robin (Miro australis).
South-Island Robin (Miro albifrons).page iv
Plate VI. Yellow-head (Clitonyx ochrocephala).
White-head (Clitonyx albicapilla).
New-Zealand Creeper (Certhiparus novæ zealandiæ).
" VII. Fern-bird (Sphenæacus punctatus).
New-Zealand Pipit (Anthus novæ zealandiæ).
" VIII. Black Fantail (Rhipidura fuliginosa).
Pied Fantail (Rhipidura flabellifera).
" IX. Silver-eye (Zosterops cærulescens).
Bell-bird (Anthornis melanura): male and female.
" X. Tui or Parson bird (Prosthemadera novæ zealandiæ): adult and young.
" XI. Stitch-bird (Pogonornis cincta): male and female.
" XII. Rifleman (Acanthidositta chloris): male and female.
Rock-Wren (Xenicus gilviventris).
Bush-Wren (Xenicus longipes).
" XIII. New-Zealand Kingfisher (Halcyon vagans).
" XIV. Long-tailed Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis): adult and young, with Grey Warbler (Gerygone flaviventris).
" XV. Shining Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx lucidus): with young Cuckoo in Warbler’s nest.
" XVI. Yellow-fronted, Red-fronted, and Orange-fronted Parrakeets (Platycercus auriceps, P. novæ zealandiæ, and P. alpinus).
" XVII. Kaka Parrot and variety “Kaka-kura” (Nestor meridionalis).
" XVIII. Kea Parrot (Nestor notabilis).
" XIX. Kakapo or Owl Parrot (Stringops habroptilus).
" XX. Morepork (Spiloglaux novæ zealandiæ).
Laughing-Owl (Sceloglaux albifacies).
" XXI. New-Zealand Harrier (Circus gouldi): adult and young.
" XXII. Quail-Hawk (Harpa novæ zealandiæ): adult and young.
" XXIII. New-Zealand Quail (Coturnix novæ zealandiæ): male and female.
" XXIV. New-Zealand Pigeon (Carpophaga novæ zealandiæ).