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A Strange Friendship: A Story of New Zealand

The Inexhaustible Magic Inkstand

The Inexhaustible Magic Inkstand

Is Patented in Great Britain and her Colonies, France, the United States, and other Countries. It is manufactured to produce Black, Coral Red, Violet, Sky Blue, Sea Green, Pansy, and Copying Black Inks, in stands from Four Shillings upwards.

Inkwell advertisement illustration

Producing Ink for every-day use for more than a Hundred Years.

Various Models in Porcelain, Crystal, Wood, Bronze, &c. are in preparation.

Notice.—This little apparatus contains a chemical product unknown in the arts. The composition, which possesses remarkable colouring properties, is soluble in cold water; but, by a peculiar arrangement in the interior, the water dissolving the product can only become, as it were, saturated with it, but without diluting the material or converting it into pulp or syrup.

The material acting like a soluble salt, the solution having attained a certain degree of density, it remains stable, without precipitate, and the liquid, always limpid, constitutes an Ink of a doubly superior character, rivalling in all respects the best modern Inks.

Messrs. Sampson Low & Co. and Messrs. Hachette & Co. are the Proprietors and Patentees.

Chiswick Press:—Printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane.

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