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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



Maxwell, 1000 tons, Captain G. Jones, sailed from the Downs 7th April, arrived 28th July—passengers, 60.

Amersham, 742 tons, Captain J. B. Henry, sailed 16th March, arrived 7th August—143 days from the Downs.

Mary Warren, 955 tons, Captain Hornewood, sailed from London 21st May, arrived 10th September—passengers, 40.

Glendevon, 954 tons, Captain Brown, sailed from London 28th May, arrived 1st October—passengers, 35.

Eagle Speed, 1237 tons, Captain J. Brinsden, sailed from Gravesend 12th June, arrived 16th October—126 days port to port. She landed 191 passengers all in good health.

Jumna, 820 tons, Captain Garrick, sailed from Gravesend 4th July, arrived 24th October—passengers, 100.

Ardbeg, 921 tons, Captain Hobson, sailed from London 18th August, arrived 16th December—passengers, 160.

City Of Manchester, 534 tons, Captain Burrell, sailed from the Downs 29th September, 1863, and arrived 10th February after a protracted, passage of 140 days. She was 51 days out before the Line was crossed, owing to gales.

Golden City, 779 tons, Captain R. K. Martin, sailed from Gravesend 13th November, 1863, but owing to severe weather was compelled to put back and laid at the Downs until 19th. She took her final departure from Scilly 26th November. Her average run for a month after leaving the Cape was over 200 miles. The Golden City arrived at Auckland 4th March and landed 103 passengers.

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Lord Clyde, 531 tons, Captain Withers, sailed from London 2nd February, and arrived 5th May. She was a fine barque, and coming south about made the passage in 93 days. She brought only 21 passengers. The Golconda, which sailed from London 4th January, nearly a month before the Lord Cldye, arrived at Auckland on the same day.

Statesman, 811 tons, Captain Marshall, sailed from the Downs 1st January, and Land's End 17th, arriving at Auckland 6th March, after a protracted passage of 126 days. Running short of water, Captain Marshall put into Nelson for a supply when the ship was 120 days out. The Statesman brought 101 passengers, including 16 saloon.

Albert William, 505 tons, Captain Walker, sailed 10th August, arrived 5th December. New ship on her second voyage.

Gladiator, 503 tons, Captain Young, sailed 15th November, 1863, arrived 26th March.