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White Wings Vol II. Founding Of The Provinces And Old-Time Shipping. Passenger Ships From 1840 To 1885



William Watson, barque, 480 tons, Captain C. MacFarlane, sailed from London 21st October, 1858, arrived 8th February. The barque brought 160 passengers.

Tornado, ship, 1100 tons, Captain Aitken, the first of the "White Star" line to visit Auckland. She left Liverpool on the 10th June, and arrived at Auckland 24th September, landing 35 saloon, 40 second class, and 210 intermediate and steerage passengers. This ship was the largest to visit Auckland up to that date.

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Harwood, ship, 500 tons, Captain Forsyth, sailed from Plymouth 11th August, and arrived on the 16th November, making the passage in 95 days port to port. She left Plymouth with 48 passengers—one died on the voyage.

Shooting Star, ship, 1160 tons, Captain Edward James Allen, sailed from Liverpool 11th August, arrived 30th November. The third ship of the "White Star" line to arrive at Auckland. She came into port in a crippled condition—mainmast fished and main topgallant mast down—after a passage of 111 days. She brought 173 passengers. Two deaths and two births occurred during the voyage.

Shalimar, ship, 1402 tons, Captain J. R. Brown. This fine ship, the largest to visit Auckland up to 1859, brought out 225 passengers. She sailed from Liverpool on 12th September and arrived 21st December. On the 6th October a marriage ceremony was celebrated, the Captain officiating. Three children died during the passage.

Boanerges, 1236 tons, Captain Dunn, sailed from Queenstown (Ireland) 13th September, 1859, arrived 22nd December with the second division of the 14th Regiment, consisting of 14 officers, 480 non-com, officers and privates, 42 women and 44 children, in command of Major Dwyer. Four deaths occurred during the voyage.

The Traveller, barque, 462 tons, Captain Ellis, sailed 19th March, and arrived 23rd July, after an unprecedently stormy passage.