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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Famenoth

page 172

The Famenoth.

Few English vessels were so well known in Auckland as the Famenoth, and very few skippers had attained to such a degree of popularity in shipping and other circles of the community as had Captain Auld, her worthy skipper.

the Famenoth was a fine roomy ship of just upon 1000 tons, and was chartered by the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company. Generally, the Famenoth experienced unusually fine weather on the passages out to New Zealand, but owing to the
The Famenoth.

The Famenoth.

prevalence of light winds and calms she never made any remarkable runs. Captain Auld stated that his ship had never had an opportunity of showing her sailing qualities. On the voyage out in 1877 he reported that the passage had been so fine that the topsails were not reefed once from the time of leaving the Channel until arrival at Auckland. Similar conditions prevailed on the run out in 1879, the ship on several occasions logging only from 25 to 30 miles in 24 hours.

During the month of March, 1882, gales of unusual severity were experienced along the English coast, and proved most disastrous to shipping. the Famenoth was one of the unfortunate ships to be driven ashore. At the time, March 26, 1882, the vessel was in the English Channel, and was stranded at Whitstaple, near Margate. Most if not all the crew managed to reach the shore. A cable to Auckland stated that five of the crew were missing, but this was not confirmed. Nearly a month later the Famenoth was refloated and towed to the docks, and after repairs had been effected she sailed for Auckland at the end of September the same year.

the Famenoth ceased running to New Zealand after 1886, and, I believe, was engaged in the Australian trade for some time. The passages made to New Zealand were:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
July 12 Oct. 16, '77 Auld 96
July 29 Oct. 3, '78 Auld 94
May 29 Sep. 8, '79 Auld 102
Apr. 16 July 17, '80 Auld 89
Sep. 25, '82 Jan. 15, '83 Auld 113
To Dunedin.
Apr. 3 July 2, '86 Morgan 89
Dec. 19, '83 Mar. 26, '84 Morgan 97