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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Euterpe

page 127

The Euterpe.

Sixty Years Afloat.

In the early 'sixties there were two ships sailing the seas bearing the name of Euterpe. The one which traded to
the Euterpe At Port Chalmers.

the Euterpe At Port Chalmers.

New Zealand was a full-rigged ship of 1197 tons built at Ramsay Bay, Isle of Man, in 1863, by Gibson, and later purchased by the Shaw, Savill Co. In 1873 the Euterpe made her first voyage to New Zealand, arriving at Dunedin after a lengthy passage of 117 days. She was one of the slowest boats afloat, her best run out at any time from 1873 till 1898, twenty-five years, being 103 days to Dunedin under very favourable conditions. On one occasion, in 1894, the Euterpe sailed from Glasgow for Dunedin on December 4 and encountered a fearful gale shortly after leaving the Downs. Captain Streeter, who was in command, put into Belfast and sheltered there for four days. She again encountered heavy weather, which induced the captain to run back again from Holyhead to Belfast. This was eighteen days after leaving Glasgow. The ship finally cleared the Irish Channel on January 1, 1894, and arrived at Port Chalmers 116 days from her final departure from Belfast.
A passage out to Lyttelton in 1879 occupied 143 days, and on this trip the Euterpe was again detained by stormy weather in the channel. She sailed on August 2, 1879, and it was 19 days before she got clear of the land. She sighted the Snares on December 12, and seven
Captain A. Banks.

Captain A. Banks.

page 128 days later had only reached as far as Nugget Point owing, it was stated, to the continuance of N.E. winds.

In 1884 the Euterpe met with further trouble. In proceeding down the Channel she collided with the steamer Canadian and was compelled to put back for repairs, which occupied ten days.

In 1892 the Euterpe had another rough experience on the passage out to Port Chalmers. She sailed this time from Glasgow on August 13, and encountered severe gales right across the Southern Ocean. Her progress was also impeded by having to reduce canvas when passing through a large field of icebergs.

the Euterpe was eventually sold to Chili, when she was rigged as a barque, and again sold to the Alaska Packers' Association of San Francisco, and renamed the Star of India. The old ship was still afloat in 1923.

Here follow the record of passages to New Zealand:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
July 9 NOV.6, '85 Hoyle 120
Aug. 20 Dec. 12, '86 Hoyle 113
To Wellington.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Apr. 28 Aug. 30, '74 Phillips 124
Oct. 25, '80 Feb. 8, '81 Banks 105
Oct. 23 Feb. 8, '82 Phillips 107
Nov. 3, '88 Feb. 19, '89 Banks 107
July 13 Oct. 25, '91 Streeter 106
Apr. 8 July 29, '95 Banks 111
To Lyttelton.
Jan. 1 Apr. 11, '76 Phillips 100
Aug. 2 Dec. 24, '79 Phillips 143
To Dunedin.
Dec. 7, '72 Apr. 4, '73 Phillips 117
Dec. 17, '76 Apr. 3, '77 Phillips 106
July 7 Oct. 20, '78 Phillips 104
April 9 Aug. 1, '84 Hoyle 113
Aug. 13 Dec. 3, '92 Streeter 111
Dec. 4, '93 Apr. 26, '94 Streeter 142
June 22 Oct. 4, '96 Banks 103
Nov. 25, '97 Mar. 27, '98 Longmuir 121