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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Agnes Muir

The Agnes Muir.

Five passages to New Zealand were made by the Patrick Henderson ship Agnes Muir, 850 tons, and on each occasion she brought out a fair number of immigrants. In her four voyaged to Port Chalmers she brought out 351 passengers, and on the only occasion that she visited Auckland she had 94 passengers, of whom 64 were immigrants. Upon this trip to Auckland was made one of several attempts that have been made from time to time to acclimatise grouse, but all the birds died during the voyage. London was the port of departure for the Auckland voyage, and also for the 1874 voyage to Port Chalmers, but the remaining three passages were from Glasgow. The record of the Agnes Muir is as follows:—

To Auckland.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Sep. 5 Dec. 23, '72 Anderson 109
To Port Chalmers.
Apr. 14 July 22, '69 Laing 99
Land to land 90
Dec. 3 Mar. 6, '71 Anderson 93
Land to land 80
Nov. 2, '71 Jan. 24, '72 Anderson 83
Land to land 79
Oct. 6, '73 Jan. 2, '74 Anderson 88