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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Baron Aberdare

The Baron Aberdare.

When she arrived in Auckland on March 19, 1875, the ship Baron Aberdare, a vessel of 1639 tons, under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Company, was one of the finest ships that up to that date had visited the port, so I am informed by Mr. Enos S. Pegler, who was one of the 160 passengers that came out on her. She was a brand new vessel; in fact, the carpenters were working on her during the voyage out, and was a particularly well designed and well found craft. She was loftily sparred, and carried double topsails and double topgallant sails. Under command of Captain R. Edmonds, the ship left London on December 6, but was detained eight days in the Channel by head winds. The pilot was discharged off Plymouth on December 14, so the passage occupied 102 days from London, or 95 from Plymouth. The Equator was crossed on January 6, the meridian of the Cape on February 4, and thence fresh westerly breezes gave her a good run of sixteen days to the meridian of the Leeuwin, the easting being run down in latitude 46 degrees South. Her good luck, however, did not hold after passing Tasmania, as she had a dead beat to port. There were two births during the voyage, and one infant died.

In 1885 the ship again visited Auckland, but she was then named the Katherine, and was under charter to Shaw, Savill Company. On this occasion she was commanded by Captain Spille, and arrived on July 27, after a passage of 99 days.