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White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900

The Waitara

page 277

The Waitara.

the Waitara, a ship of 833 tons, built by Reed, of Glasgow, in 1863, and flying the New Zealand Shipping Co.'s flag, did not enjoy a long career in the New Zealand trade, as she was sunk in the English Channel by the Hurunui in 1883. Details of this disaster were supplied in the article on the Hurunui. Twenty of the passengers and crew were drowned, including a few old colonists who were returning to Wellington.

After discharging her cargo at Dunedin in 1880, the Waitara sailed for the Bluff to complete her loading of wool,
the Waitara Anchored At Gravesend.

the Waitara Anchored At Gravesend.

and when being towed out she was stranded, but fortunately escaped with only slight damage.

the Waitara had a prolonged passage to Lyttelton in 1879 for this smart little ship. She left Gravesend on September 7, but, owing to westerly gales, did not leave Start Point until twelve days later. The passage to the Cape was made in the good time of sixty days, notwithstanding the delay in the channel. The vessel experienced continued easterly weather until September 19, and after passing the Leuwin she again met with easterly gales and calms, sighting Stewart Island on December 19, and arriving at Lyttelton on the 24th.

the Waitara, on her arrival at Wellington in 1882, was placed in quarantine, owing to an outbreak of fever on board.

Captain Warren Frederick Caborne, who commanded the Waitara on three voyages, died suddenly on July 14, 1924, at Toppington Hall, Shropshire.

the Waitara's records were:—

To Napier.
Sailed. Arrived. Captain. Days.
Nov. 21, '77 Caborne 89
Dec. 21 '76 Caborne 92
To Wellington.
Sep. 29, '81 Jan. 2, '82 Brown 95
Sep. 30 Dec. 29, '82 Brown 90
To Lyttelton.
Aug. 19 Nov. 18, '74 Peek 91
Sep. 7 Dec. 24, '79 Cowell 109
To Dunedin.
Aug. 26 Dec. 12, '80 Cowell 108
To Nelson.
Nov. 21, '77 Caborne 89