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Musings in Maoriland

The Land Beyond the Sun

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The Land Beyond the Sun.

A dear little boy with a cherub's face,
Stood by the side of his mother's knee,
The Sun at the end of his daily race
Rested awhile on the crimson sea;
Glimpses of Paradise burst through the beams
That painted the hills and tinted the bay,
The mother was thinking on early dreams,
Her pure little innocent prattled away.

"The sun is like a golden ball
Dancing on the Ocean's brim,
Every eve I watch him fall,
How I love to look at him.
If upon the shore he'd set,
Then to greet him we would run,

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And behind him we could get,
To the land beyond the sun.

"Bessy went there, you have said,
To obey the Shepherd's will,
When she left her little bed
Where the flax waves on the hill
And she left the flowers behind,
Though to bloom they had begun,
Sweeter roses she must find,
In the land beyond the sun.

"Mother, if we had a boat,
We might cross the crimson track,
Round the sun then we could float,
And we'd bring our Bessie back.
See, he sets on yonder wave,
All his threads of gold are spun,
When he sinks into his cave,
We might sail beyond the sun."

Simple words oft touch love's chord
Waking mem'ry's softest tune.
"Bessie, dear, is with her Lord,
We will go to meet her soon;

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You and I and father, too,
Must win the crown that she has won,
By and bye we'll journey through
To the land beyond the sun."