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Musings in Maoriland

April Here, and April There.1

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April Here, and April There.1

Through the realms of coral fairies,
  Down the ocean's sloping sides,
O'er the sea-god's swelling prairies,
  There are lands where Spring abides,
    Linnets singing,
    Blue-bells springing,
Fragrance melting on the air;
    Friendly meetings,
    Kindly greetings—
April here, and April there.

 April here is robed in shadows,
 Heralds of impending gloom;
April there sheds o'er the meadows
 Yellow, white, and purple bloom.
    Here, clouds flying,
    Nature sighing,

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On her brow a shade of care;
    Wintry traces,
    Dreary places—
April here, and April there.

There, the lark's grand song is swelling,
 O'er the blue, ethereal arch;
And the am'rous dove is telling
 Love notes on the elm or larch.
    Daisies gleaming,
    Cowslips teeming
With rich nectar, pure and rare;
    Holly shining,
    Ivy twining—
April here, and April there.

Bursting o'er yon flax-clod mountain,
  Sadly groans the dark-brow'd blast;
Fitful streams from Heaven's fountain,
  Driving torrents fierce and fast.
    Ravines rushing,
    Rivers gushing,
Tall reeds rave in mad despair;
    Breakers foaming,
    Ever roaming,
April here, and April there.

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April there, warm showers descending,
  Bearing gifts from heaven to earth;
Buds and new-blown roses blending,
  Thanks to Him who gave them birth.
    Old age talking,
    Lovers walking,
Round the grey stile's mossy stair;
    Lilac stooping,
    Lilies drooping—
April here, and April there.

But we'll have a season here, too,
  Borne on Earth's prolific breast—
Effusive, beautiful, and clear, too,
  As reigns now where our fathers rest.
    Darkest sorrow
    Hope should borrow—
Winter should not bring despair;
    Spring will follow,
    Grief is hollow—
Look up! the brightest April's there.

1 In 1871 exceedingly rough weather occurred in April. This was an exceptional circumstance as April in New Zealand is generally a very fine month.