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Musings in Maoriland

The Emigrant's Welcome

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The Emigrant's Welcome.

We greet you, stranger, to this land
  Where slaves have never trod—
The breeze which sweeps our mountains
  Is the breath of freedom's god.
If you've a hand to help us
  In the work we've got to do
(The building of a nation grand)
  Then, friend, we welcome you.

We greet you, stranger, if you have
  A soul that can expand
To thank great Nature for the gifts
  She strews with lavish hand.
In time's progressive vanguard,
  We are marching staunch and true—
If you've a heart to join our ranks,
  Then, friend, we welcome you.

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We greet you, stranger, if you can
 Turn up the maiden field,
And garner the prolific wealth
  Our virgin soil will yield.
If you can search earth's bowels,
  And her treasures bring to view,
Or fashion in the shop or forge,
  Then, friend, we welcome you.

We greet you, stranger, if you have
 A mind that's skilled to teach
A youthful State the clearest road
 True happiness to reach.
The quarter-deck of our young ship
 Is open to the crew;
If you've the talent to command,
  Then, friend, we welcome you.

But, stranger, if you come to spurn
  The gifts which God has sent,
To pass your days in indolence,
  Or brood in discontent;
With soul and body chained in vice,
  Unfit for honest gear,
Then let us tell you plainly, friend,
  We do not want you here.

page 229

No wretched dens, nor crowded lanes,
  Where squalid starvelings hide,
Disgrace our pure untainted plains—
  The road to wealth is wide.
The blessings which great Heaven bestows
  On man are here to spare,
Come join us, true and noble souls,
  We offer you a share.