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Musings in Maoriland

Live and Love To-Day

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Live and Love To-Day.

This life's an hour we borrow
  From eternity's to-morrow,
Our souls wear for a little time the mortal garb of man,
  Ere they, in robes supernal,
  Soar away to the eternal;
Then while our lives are vernal let's do all the good we can.
  This earth's place of meeting,
  Of rejoicing and of greeting,
Where spirits waltz together in a masquerade of clay;
  We've but a short vacation
  In this earthly habitation,
Then, grateful for its blessings, let us live and love to-day.

  We're budding and we're growing,
  And we're coming and we're going,
We're struggling and we're striving with our fellows in the race!

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  We're sorrowing and fretting,
  Oft ignoring and forgetting
How small the circle of our course, how limited the space
  Allotted us bellow here!
  For the Phantom comes to mow here
The human stalks that grow here, and we'd better strew his way
  With buds of love and duty,
  And flowers of peace and beauty,
And blossoms of affection—let us live and love to-day.

  Away with cares and crosses,
  There are "gains for all our losses,"
And wages in the future, if our work be nobly done.
  Then in this hour of fleetness,
  Let us sip the purest sweetness
From Earth's prolific bosom, while we're basking in the sun;
  Death's night, with stealthy motion,
  Climbs the edges of life's ocean,
There may be golden linings to its clouds of sombre grey,
  But ere their shadows reach us,
  Oh, let truth this wisdom teach us,
To work for one another, and to live and love to-day.