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The Maori Division of Time


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It is an enduring tribute to the work of the late Elsdon Best (1856–1931) that there is a continuing demand for his many published works on Maori life and custom. He was indeed the one writer among 19th century students who made a systematic attempt to cover the whole field, and his intimate knowledge enabled him to achieve a great measure of success. His work is still indispensable source material for the students of today, although many of them undertake a more precise analysis of various aspects of the subject.

No attempt has been made to annotate or alter the original text, and in this connection the unwillingness which Elsdon Best showed in his lifetime to have his work edited has been respected.

It is felt that the rich store of original material should be as widely available as possible, and that the reprinting of the present Monographs is fully justified.

r. a. falla,

dominion museum,