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Maori Storehouses and Kindred Structures

List of Authorities and Works Quoted

page viii

List of Authorities and Works Quoted

Angas, G. F.—Artist and writer who travelled in New Zealand in the "forties," author of "New-Zealanders Illustrated," 1847, and "Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand," 1847, 2 vols.

Cheeseman, T. F.—Author of "Manual of the New Zealand Flora," 1906.

Colenso, W.—Author of many papers on Maori subjects in "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute," &c.

Coote, W. —Author of "Wanderings South and East," 1882.

Crozet, W.—"Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, &c., in 1771-72," by H. Ling Roth, 1891.

Cruise.—Author of "Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand," 1823.

Davis, C. O.—Author of "Maori Mementoes," 1855, &c.

Dieffenbach, E.—Author of "Travels in New Zealand," 2 vols., 1843.

Earle, A.—Author of "Narrative of a Residence in New Zealand in 1827," published in 1832.

Ellis, W.—Author of "Polynesian Researches," 4 vols., 1831.

Grey, Sir George.—Formerly Governor of New Zealand, author of "Polynesian Mythology," &c. The journal of his journey in the North Island in 1849 was written by G. S. Cooper.

Gudgeon, Colonel W. E.—Author of many papers on Maori subjects in "Monthly Review," "Journal of the Polynesian Society," &c.

Hammond, Rev. T. G.—Author of several papers on Maori subjects in "Journal of the Polynesian Society," &c.

Hare Hongi.—Author of various papers on Maori matters in the "Journal of the Polynesian Society," &c.

Heaphy, Major.—Author of a paper on Early Wellington, published in Vol. xii, "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute," and other items.

Hiko, Te.—An intelligent chief of the Ngati-Toa clan, of Pori-rua.

Jameson, R. G.—Author of "New Zealand and Australia," 1842.

"Maori Art."—Published by the New Zealand Institute.

Mariner.—"An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands," by W. Mariner, 2 vols., 1817.

page ix

Marshall, W. B.—Author of "Two Visits to New Zealand in H.M.S. 'Alligator' in 1834," 1836.

McDonnell, Colonel.—Author of "A Native Account of the Pakeha-Maori Wars," 1887.

Nicholas, J. L.—Author of "Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand in 1814," 2 vols., 1817.

Polack, J. S.—Author of "Travels and Adventures in New Zealand," 2 vols., 1838, and "Manners and Customs of the New-Zealanders," 2 vols., 1840.

Power, W. T.—Author of "Sketches in New Zealand," 1849.

Savage, Dr.—Author of "Some Account of New Zealand," 1807.

Selwyn, Bishop.—See "Journal of the Bishop of New Zealand's Visitation through his Diocese," 1849.

Shortland, E.—Author of "Maori Religion and Mythology," "The Southern Districts of New Zealand," and "Traditions of the New-Zealanders."

Skinner, W. H.—Writer of an interesting description of an old-time Maori pa, or fortified village. (See "Journal of the Polynesian Society," Vol. xx). Also donated information verbally.

Smith, S. Percy.—Author of "The Peopling of the North," "Hawaiki," &c.

Stack, Canon.—Author of "Kaiapohia" and "The South Island Maoris"; also papers on Maori subjects in "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute."

Stowell, H. M.—The European name of Hare Hongi; a gifted contributor to our Bulletins.

Taylor, Rev. R.—Author of "Te Ika a Maui," 2nd ed., 1870; also "New Zealand Past, Present, and Future," 1865.

Thomson, Dr.—Author of "The Story of New Zealand," 2 vols., 1859.

Tregear, E.—Author of "The Maori Polynesian Comparative Dictionary" and other works.

Tuta Nihoniho.—A late chief of the Ngati-Porou Tribe, formerly an officer in the Native Contingent. An enthusiastic collector and contributor.

Wade, W. R.—Author of "A Journey in New Zealand," 1842.

Wakefield, E. J.—Author of "Adventures in New Zealand," 2 vols., 1845.

page x

Walsh, Archdeacon.—Author of a paper "On the Cultivation and Treatment of the Kumara," in Vol. xxxv of "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute."

Whatahoro.—A native contributor of much interesting matter on Maori customs, &c.

White, John.—Author of "The Ancient History of the Maori," in 6 vols.; also of some interesting lectures on Maori customs, &c., published with Gudgeon's "History and Doings of the Maoris," 1885.

Williams's Maori Dictionary.—A very carefully compiled and reliable work.

Yate, Rev. W.—Author of "An Account of New Zealand," 1835.