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The Maori As He Was : A Brief Account of Maori Life as it was in Pre-European Days

Chapter V

Chapter V

Social Usages 86

Substitutes for civil law. A form of theocracy. Muru, a peculiar institution. Social classes. Social unit. The family group. Ariki. Primogeniture. Women of rank. Tapairu, kahurangi, and mareikura. Tribal organization. Family life non-existent. Eponymic ancestors. Treatment of slaves. Property. Chieftainship. Personal behaviour. Power of public opinion. Public discussion of tribal, clan, and family affairs. Military duties. Public announcement an important usage. Sense of dignity. Consanguineous nomenclature. Division of labour. Tasks of men. Status of women. Tasks of women. Village life. Social life. Meals. Hospitality. Population. Generation of fire. Cooking. Domestic vessels. Feasts. Customs pertaining to birth. The tohi rite. Betrothal and marriage. The atahu. Customs and beliefs pertaining to death. Lizard connected with death. Maui and Hine. Death-journey food. The tuku wairua ceremony. Ritual pertaining to sickness. Trussed burial. Exhumation. Sand-dune burial. Objects placed with dead. Social pleasures. Lack of furniture. Mannerisms. Attitudes. Gestures. Carriage. Gait. Greetings. Terms of address.