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Frank Leward: Memorials

Same to the same

Same to the same.

Launceston, Van Diemen's Land, April 1841.

My dear Mother We have had a frightfully rough passage out and got disabled just as we got here and only managed to get into this port. I am awfully unhappy and wretched and I have very bad news to tell you. I was still melancholy from leaving you and Mabel when an awful gale came on Jones was on deck and was washed overboard. When I heard of it I didnt know what I was doing I tried to get a boat lowered to go for him of course it was madness for the waves were page 76breaking over the ship and we had no control over her and they made me go below. When I saw his badge cap lying on his bunk I was in such a rage I took it and threw it overboard. It was impossible to hove too the spanker boom was smashed and most of the canvas and rigging had carried away. However it bated a bit afterwards and we managed to get her in here. Poor old Jones he was my greatest friend ever since I first went to Upton. He was a silent sort of fellow and never said much when any one else was there though sometimes he talked a good deal when we were alone and this voyage it has always been about the girl he was going out to marry he was very fond of her. I must write to her now I suppose and tell her about it I hate having to do it I dont know how to begin. We had made lots of plans for the future. I was to see how we could get on in New Zealand and if I liked it they were to come there. If he didnt do ashore he could soon have passed as second mate and that pays very well out here and he would have got a ship in time, now its all over he died as silently as he lived and I am more lonely than ever.

I am going for a day or two to see my old friend near Longford but I shant have time to go to Hobart Town to see Lady Franklin. Then we shall start for Wellington I hope I shall get a letter from you there and that dear old granny is better give her my love and mind you dont forget Mabel.

—Good bye dear old mother