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Frank Leward: Memorials

Bob Olditch to Frank

Bob Olditch to Frank.

Maister Frank,—I doo thankee for the ten pun note as missus give I as you sent an we bee trooly thankful to eer ow you be a gettin on in them forein perts. Things aint a been a goin on strait like eer iver so long not rite sin you been gone away. Missus she be scared like an she go a moanin an a moanin about the place. We noed as ow you was to a been marred to that eer nice lookin yung lady over by Berth were the missus praperty lay I well remember she wen we was over there years agone an we sed as ow you was a carryin on wi eer then. Now Maister Frank u wont be angry wi old Bob as as noed u well iver sin u was a kid an you used to go about wi to see mi ones an such like an we used to like u all on us sarvints did. We keep tould pistol as u give me over the mantel mi missus she wont let none tuch it but er. Niggers this niggers just like tould bitch as you used to be fond on u were old Suso lord ow i page 145remember that ere dog when you was a little kid taint that nigger as was er pup but ere pup we cant call it nigger afore tould maister as e tould we not to but be twixt ourseln like. Well now maister Frank as i was a goin to say we allers think o u as a yung genelman tho it be a mity long time sin u been gone away to them savage perts so u wont be angry like at wat i be a goin to say. Well things beant a going on rite an square like an wen the yung maister camed ome e an tould maister an the yung lady as you was a goin to marry so we eered tell we didnt think it all squar particlar as we eered too as u ad been done out o the foine praperty as goed rite to missus from eer mama an as foine a lady as iver was an as give i one poun wen we was there. Ole mother Vamperly she up an let out as we seed the cerridge a drivin up wi tould maister an yungun an is yung ladi our missus didnt stare out for that eer wedin not she she sat like a goast up in eer room al the time as they was gone an mi missus she were up arter tould sow as ad 13 in a litter al that nite an she seed our missus a sittin at er winder in er nite gownd an lookin for all the warld like a mad thing so she sed well as i was a goin to say ole mother Vamperly she flinged er ole spare arms about cuss o God on yer she cried out as they was a gettin out o that eer cerridge cus o God be on yer for takin the maister Frank's yung lady sed she as bold as culd be an u bee a trien to take is praperty too sed she but ye casnt doot its hareabel praperty it be an take it if u can an yung maister eel be a comin ome and get it fram ye yet an the yung lady too cus o God be on yer sed page 146she an all the like on yer ud be a takin the poors bred out o there mouths I de as leeve be the scrapins an the leevins o the warld as sich as u be said she Lord forgi er for speekin so o the quality. Now that yung lady she looked as pale as deth wen she eered al that an i thought as ow shed been a goin to drap but ould maister e eld er up an I seed is and a shakin an yung maister ee went a smilin an a smilin as tho ee didnt care nowt about nothink. Now some as eered old mother a sayin all that began to tittle round were i were a standin an one e sed gi it em mother an tould maister ee looked rowned like an e seed me an e scowled an next day e says to me Robert says e e alias calls i robert Robert says e you can go says ee i sarved u faithful these thrutty eer says i an be i to go like that yes says e like that. Missus next day she tells i as ow we was to ave the little cottage up the ill but as ow the maister wont let we wark for ee about the place no more an ees got a smart sort o chap from Lunnon so we be a bit put about but eer we be an missus she be very koind an offen she brings we things an money an now sheve brort the ten pun as u send from them foren perts out yonder an says as ow u be a gettin on furst rate. Now maister Frank we be shut o this place an we eer tell as ow a man can make is 9 or 10 shillin a day out yonder or can git is own land an is boys can git wark as well now me an mi 3 boys culd git on a bit if we camed out yonder. But may be youll be a comin ome to claime yourn soon an rite gled wel be to see ye for we do luve ye dearly maister Frank an no time as can iver come ull make we page 147to forget yer an they doo say as ow that eer praperty o the missus mamma be hareabel an as yung maister Arter ee cant tuch toot. There be lawyer Bluck in town ee be clever e be an gets the poor people there rites but ee do take a site o money ee do now if it be money for lawyer Bluck there be a gude few poor folk eer as ood like to see ye rited an if it cost ten pun or 20 pun theyd sell there bits o things to see ye rited an weed reather stay eer than go to them savage perts were they say as ow they eets men. My missus ood be ritin too ee too but she baint no scholard like i not she an i been an forgot most wat i larned. Maister Frank we allus thinks o u as a foin yung genelun tho may be u be a grate genelum now but u wont be ard on me for wat i rote i now remain your affectionate sarvint

Robert Olditch leastways Bob as was