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Frank Leward: Memorials

Mrs. Leward to Lord Pennis

page 30

Mrs. Leward to Lord Pennis.

The Shrubbery, Southampton.

My Lord,—My husband is too unwell to reply to your letter, but I though only a woman, cannot allow such expressions to go unnoticed. If my son were here he would resent an insult to his mother's honour in another way. As it is, Lord Pennis should know that he has insulted a daughter of that Mr. Herbert who, if she mistakes not, was once of service to him some years ago, and that this daughter has through his means lost a son of to her such priceless value as a person of Lord Pennis' character can never understand.

Indeed, my Lord, you have already brought trouble enough on me without seeking to wound my honour and to frighten an invalid husband to a bed of sickness.

There is, however, some compensation even you can make, the only compensation I could stoop to ask of you, and that is to tell me all you know of my poor boy. Oh, if you really do know what has become of him, I would walk barefoot all the way to London, I could put up with your wrongs, I could even bear your gross insults, to gain that information, I think I could almost forgive you all you have done to render my home desolate if you would only tell me where I could find him.

My Lord, I have perhaps written more plainly than is becoming to a person of your rank.

—I am, sincerely yours,

M. Leward.

To the Right Hon. the Earl of Pennis,

Boodles Club, St. James' Street, London.