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Frank Leward: Memorials

Frank to Mrs. Herbert

Frank to Mrs. Herbert

Upton School, December 20,1836.

My dear Grandmother It's tremendously kind of you to ask me this Christmas and Jones and Bampton. Bamptons got no father or mother to go to only an uncle. I thought I was going to be expelled or at any rate have to stay here all the holidays because of that row only Bampton went to Saunders and Saunders went to Pott and so I got off with a lot of impots and a swinging caning. You will like Bampton hes awfully clever and spouts Shakespeare and History and all sorts, will you ask him to spout its awful fun. Yesterday he did all about Caesar and Brutus awfully well before a lot of swells ladies and gentlemen and people and he played the piano splendidly. The fellows made me sing. I sang one of Dibdin's sea-songs called Tom Bowling and the fellows made me sing it over again a beastly nuisance I hate having to sing before people Im in such a funk. Then we wanted Bampton to play his fiddle which he can do awfully well but old Pott wouldnt have it because he thought we should make such a beastly row.

I did a pretty good exam in history I should like to have gone about fighting for King Charles and have page 17a go at those beastly round head brutes. I nearly got a prize for Greek. I like Homer tremendously I wish I was born then. Achilles and Ajax were fine beggars always fighting I like Ajax but I knew about him before from the Ovid we did under Saunders and he tried for the shield of Achilles. I hate Ulysses but Bampton says its very good where he goes home and gets ship wrecked. I want to go to sea so does Jones will you ask Mamma do you think she will mind much.

Good-bye were coming to-morrow mind.