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Frank Leward: Memorials

Mrs. Leward to Frank

Mrs. Leward to Frank

The Shrubbery, Sunday, April 1835.

My dear darling Boy,—I am alone in the drawing-room. Papa and Arthur are gone to afternoon church, and I snatch a few minutes to write to you. Oh how often I think of you, especially on Sunday and in church. I think of those two happy Sundays we spent together at the dear old Glades. It is such a short time really, but yet it seems like an age since that day I had to go away. I can still see your face peeping round the corner of the gates as I drove off. I wish you could have come home if only for a day or two. Papa is much page 10better and takes long walks with Arthur. Arthur is getting on very well with his lessons, and Papa thinks he will be clever. Dr. Pott wrote Papa a letter about Arthur going to Upton the other day. He says in it you "have good abilities, but that you will not work," and that you "might at the end of two or three years be at the head of the school if you did well, but that you seem to prefer idle companions." I know my dear boy will never really be led away by bad companions, and that he is too noble to do anything base still my dear Frank do keep a guard on yourself and try hard to get on and become a great man. I know you could if you liked. I meant when I began to write quite a scolding letter but I cannot do it you are so far away. How I wish you were here or still better at the dear old Glades if only for a day. Grandmamma is very fond of you. Mind and write to her often, she likes hearing from you and keeps all your letters. She showed me some you had written from the time you were only nine years old. Papa is dreadfully put out by what Dr. Pott said about you. I hope he will not send the letter on to grandmamma. Good-bye my own darling boy, I hear them coming back from church so I must stop. I always begin to cry when I write to you. God bless and keep you for ever.—

Your loving Mother,

Mary Leward.