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Sport 38: Winter 2010

My Hairdresser

page 128

My Hairdresser

My hairdresser says his daughter is unwell

He says all year she has had colds, flu', pains and women's bothers

He says, after loads of tests, a diagnosis been found

My hairdresser explains that the stomach is like a funnel

and all the food drops down onto a knobbly mat

The knobbles absorb calories and vitamins and iron

My hairdresser says his daughter has no knobbles on her mat

She now eschews gluten and takes iron through a drip

My hairdresser says she is no better

My hairdresser says his daughter is depressed

My hairdresser's wife does not agree with Citalopram

My hairdresser is paying for counselling

The mirror says my hairdresser has not been concentrating