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Sport 38: Winter 2010

One of the Gods

One of the Gods

We go to Maraetai
the flash beach with
white sand.

There is one of everything
squashed in the car:
boiled potatoes in cream
a jar of boiled eggs
cold chicken and lettuce
a new beach umbrella
covered in palm trees.

We'll be here till dark
because of all that petrol,
makes sense to make
a day of it.

High tide means
the boys doing doughnuts
off the wharf.

page 120

Me and Fale swim,
then lie out on beach towels
covered in Coppertone.

At low tide
we fill the bait catcher with bread
then lower it into the water,
all the sprats swim slowly inside.
Boy picks out the biggest one
lays it out on the board
opens up the gut,
pulls out the bread
squishes it between his fingers,
then sticks it in his mouth,
chews and swallows.

Uncle laughs.
You're making legends Boy,
you're one of the Gods now.