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Sport 36: Winter 2008

the rain that falls, here comes

page 141

the rain that falls, here comes


haven't you heard the rumours she says it is so dark that you can only imagine the blood clot spots of pohutukawa along the waterfront clumps of fine moonlight shining on the sea built for lovers i walked you with my fist you took off my top caressed my breast so beautiful you said yes


i let him have something for rachel for something to be rachel says the mother she was naïve she was trusting she had the lock on the door for her own safety she loved the safe door she was already dead and he was on top of her still stabbing her body


if i can't have you i don't want anyone else to baby he's singing into his knife (you see the picture he looks like normal!) our tongues met he said he loved me chased me with a knife down the room i have something for rachel he says to the mother