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Sport 29: Spring 2002

The Man in the Aviator Shades

page 182

The Man in the Aviator Shades

Night. Rain frisks the window.
His Glock's as hard and fat
as a Coca-Cola bottle.

He drives to the airport to buy
a box of Durex Fetherlites,
a yellow baseball cap.

The Mazda's awash
with table knives, screwdrivers,
Rosicrucian pamphlets, flying manuals.

His foods are soups
and chocolatey desserts
straight from the can or punnet.

He works with blades and glues,
crude little stumpy little brushes,
kiddies' printing kits.

The papers he creates
by the light of a Hanimex lamp
are handsome and fishy.