Title: inanimation

Author: Catherine Vidler-Smith

In: Sport 29: Spring 2002

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, October 2002

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

Conditions of use



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Sport 29: Spring 2002


page 115


a car door
hangs helplessly

a jar of nails
is sore to touch

up and down
the see-saw goes

bananas get their
skins peeled

off or on
the TV couldn't care

less rain means
unemployed umbrellas

closed for good
the dairy weeps

a lone cufflink
yearns for its partner

lost cellphones
slip into comas quietly

and die-hard lollipops
compete for tongues

page 116

extended ladders
lose their grip

on walls graffiti
wants to read itself

line after line
the cocaine disappears

inside the vacuum
dust plans its escape

without success
balloons try not to shrink

away from cheese
the grater gets too bored

for words alone
the dictionary lives

on and on
the battery won't give up

the fight is to the death
for battle-bots

controlled remotely,
garage doors obey

without protest
synthetic dolls strip

down each stair
the slinky falls

page 117

over and over
turnstiles go

nowhere flows the
encumbered drain

contract RSI

repeatedly the Imac
tries to sleep

upright posture
will not help statues grow

old stitching fails
the faded suit

case studies show
glass suffers stress

fractures beset
cheap chocolate

eggs crack off
their heads

in bowls we find
the scars of knives

and forks are tired
of skewering

meat dreams about
its animated past