Title: Sport 21: Spring 1998

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, October 1998, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 21: Spring 1998

‘Each Time a War Breaks Out’

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‘Each Time a War Breaks Out’

Not many old lefts left
and not many new lefts about
though plenty of old rights
still right and plenty
of new rights right too
but if they are always right
something must be wrong

and I think it could be
that the only sex in this argument
is forced sex
and the thought of venturing
into an unmined field
of limbs & flowers, fallible
yet truly welcome
is inconceivable

on the other hand if the new
right is bright and shining
the old right must be wrong
which makes the old left right.
Of course! They certainly think so.
But no that can't be right
because both the new & old right
and even the new left
say they're old socialist rubbish
which I suppose must be right