Title: Six Thinkers

Author: Chris Price

In: Sport 21: Spring 1998

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, October 1998, Wellington

Part of: Sport

Keywords: Verse Literature

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Sport 21: Spring 1998

Chris Price — Six Thinkers

page 185

Chris Price

Six Thinkers

Anne thinks that Brian should stop pestering her to marry him.
Brian thinks if only Anne would only stop worrying about how they were going to live.
Catherine thinks that Dean would be a far better choice for her daughter.
Dean thinks that Erica is the hottest thing since Elvis Costello.
Erica thinks that accountancy students may be the most boring people on earth.
Frank thinks that Catherine should just leave Anne alone to make up her own mind.

Brian thinks it looks like rain as he hesitates on the porch.
Catherine isn't sure, but she offers Brian an umbrella.
Dean sees that drip Brian leaving Anne's place as he pulls into the next-door driveway in his Ford Capri.
Erica has been ready for ages but she still goes to the mirror to check her makeup when she hears the car.
Frank thinks That boy's got his head screwed on the right way, Erica's a real doll, if I were his age
Anne thanks God (in whom she no longer believes) that Brian's gone at last, and wonders what her father is looking at through the kitchen window.

Catherine says Would you like to join us for a barbecue, Dean?
Dean leans over the fence and says No thanks Mrs Franklin, I've got
some serious studying to do.
Erica says Yes, he's got exams next week.
Frank says Gotta get your priorities straight eh Dean?
Anne says Well, maybe after exams, then?
page 186 Brian says nothing, he's halfway to Forrest Hill, grateful that the rain's held off, whistling, not a clue in the world what a no-hoper he is.

Dean passes that git Brian on his way home and pretends not to see him so he won't have to offer him a lift.
Erica wonders whether Dean really is the man for her, when accountants are so uncool, even if he does have a Ford Capri and a flat on his own with a view of the Harbour Bridge.
Frank lingers at the window, which affords him a good view of Erica's cleavage as she stands at the fence talking to his wife.
Anne finally twigs to the reason for the amount of time her dad spends at the kitchen window.
Brian gets home and puts on a cup of tea for his mum, who is asleep over the racing pages, radio cantering on in the background.
Catherine wonders why her daughter doesn't get out more, meet a few boys like Dean.

Erica thinks Dean just wants to get into her pants, he's like any other boy, in the end.
Frank thinks he wouldn't mind getting into that girl's pants, if he were a younger man …
Anne thinks I know what you're thinking you dirty old bastard.
Brian thinks I wonder what's for dinner?
Catherine thinks that young women today just don't know how easy they've got it.
Dean thinks about slipping his hand down Erica's jeans as he slides into the bath with Elvis Costello up loud on the stereo.

Frank starts guiltily as his daughter clatters the knives and forks onto the tray with unnecessary force.
Anne decides she's never going to get married, at least not until she's finished her degree and got a few years' work behind her.
Brian sets the table, and puts the steaming cup quietly down where his mother can't knock it over when she wakes.
page 187 Catherine comes inside and says Well, time to light the barbecue, eh Frank?
Dean flings some Brut about his steaming person, wraps a towel around his waist, strolls into the lounge and flicks through his address book.
Erica walks in her parents' front door and sits thoughtfully by the telephone in the hall.

Anne begins buttering the bread, but her mind is elsewhere, and she butters the teatowel thoroughly before she realises.
Brian finds some fish fingers and frozen peas in the freezer and thinks that'll do us as his mum's snore begins to ruffle the pages of the paper, ever so slightly.
Catherine wonders if her daughter might be pregnant, she's been so vague lately, and now this thing with the teatowel.
Dean finds Glenda's phone number and begins to dial.
Erica decides it's time to begin again.
Frank begins to build up a nice wee blaze.