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Sport 14: Autumn 1995

Everything is Everywhere, Nearly Everyone Says

page 151

Everything is Everywhere, Nearly Everyone Says

Rather after ‘ever after’ remember …
I have a friend (more an acquaintance
Really, a short guy, well muscled,
Married to the sister of a friend) who,
By the bad graces of contingency and
Chaos, lost everything to an aneurysm
Of the intercranial persuasion, a power
Surge at an inopportune moment, forgot,
I guess, to save, as they say, and he
Literally, cell by cell, had to remember
A new world of sounds and images,
Self portrait of the honorable Baron von
Frankenstein, betrayed only by a tendency
To slur certain phrases and a slight
Twitch, told all this to us over dinner
One evening last summer, matter-of-factly,
As if bending to drink from the fountain
At some inconsequential shopping mall or
Elementary school, found suddenly
Water to be everywhere. All is ocean
Says the sailor. All is emptiness says
The neural surgeon. The space within
Us echoes, he says, with every surging
Breath. Every heartbeat. All is song
Says the electrician, tapping his fingers
To some imagined melody. Happily.