Title: Tourism

Author: Bernard Cohen

In: Sport 5: Spring 1990

Publication details: 1990, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 5: Spring 1990

Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads

In this village small prophecies come to pass. There is not the capacity for major considerations here. There is no complexity to the visions of the seers. Truth is implicit in each of their words; what the seers say will come to pass; but do not expect to hear grand visions, for if you do you will be disappointed.

What they say: you'll hurt yourself if you're not careful; you'll be okay; dinner will be ready soon; tomorrow's another day.

Noosa Heads is a friendly community, but not one in which to spend too much time, for the concerns of the residents are small, and such smallmindedness becomes overwhelming within hours.