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Ture Whakahaere Rahui Maori

Classification of Lands

Classification of Lands.

35/ 106.All lands vested in the Public Trustee shall be divided into four classes, as determined by the Public Trustee, namely,—
(1.)Town land, being the sites heretofore reserved or which shall be hereafter reserved for towns or villages, and includes land in any borough or city:
(2.)Suburban land, being land in the vicinity of any town land:
(3.)Rural land, being lands not reserved for towns or villages or other public purposes.
(4.)Pastoral land, being land not within any of the above classes.
36/ 108.The Public Trustee may from time to time, by notice in the Gazette, declare that any land not already classified shall belong to either of the said classes, and also that any land shall cease to belong to either of such classes and belong to other classes.
37/ 112.All rural lands may be classified by the Public Trustee into first-and second-class lands, and may be leased at the rentals following, that is to say,—
(1.)First-class lands, at a rent not less than per centum per annum on a value of not less than twenty shillings per acre; and
(2.)Second-class lands, at a rent not less than per centum per annum on a value of not less than five shillings per acre.
38/ 113.The Public Trustee may, from time to time, reclassify such lands, and fix the value thereof, being a value not less than the minimum prescribed for land of the same class.
39/ 122.The Public Trustee may withdraw any land from leasing, notwithstanding that tenders may have been made to lease the same. No tenderer shall in such case have any claim against the Public Trustee.
40/ 124.No lands held under this Act under any tenure shall be capable of being sold for non-payment of rates due by the lessee or occupier thereof.

But the non-payment of any rates on land held from the Public Trustee for which the lessee is liable under any law shall be deemed to be a breach of the conditions of his lease, for which such lease shall be liable to forfeiture, as in the case of non-payment of rent.

If any lessee of land under this Act shall fail to pay to a local authority any rate thereon for which he is liable, for fourteen days after demand thereof by such authority, such authority may apply to the Public Trustee for redress, and the Public Trustee may, if such rate remain unpaid for thirty days after notice served by the Public Trustee, declare such lease to be absolutely forfeited; and the Public Trustee shall pay such overdue rates to the local authority, and make this a charge against the land or out of any moneys received by them for improvements on the land.

The provisions of this section shall apply to all lessees under this Act or under any Act heretofore in force.