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Design Review: Volume 3, Number 5 (March-April 1951)

Design Review

page 107

Design Review

Volume 3 Number 5 March-April 1951

Here & There: Sharawag 108
House at Meadowbank, Auckland: M. B. Patience 110
A Family House and Garden: Gordon F. Wilson 112
A Small House in Wellington: Barbara Parker 116
Heating the Home: R. T. Parry 120
Review—I C I Calendar 122
The Need for Criticism: P. Earle 123
Gramophone Notes: John Gray 124


G. L. Gabites, E. Mervyn Taylor

Associate Editors

A. L. Gabites, A. G. Kofoed, D. E. Barry Martin, M. B. Patience, E. A. Plishke

Design Review is published bi-monthly (under the auspices of the Architectural Centre Inc., Wellington) by E. Mervyn Taylor and printed at the Pelorus Press, Auckland. Blocks by Thomson Photo Engravers Ltd., Wellington.

Letters to the Editor and contributions should be addressed to The Editor, Design Review, 71 Hatton Street Ext., Wellington, W.3, accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope. If written under a pen-name, the writer must enclose his name and address.

Advertisers are reminded that the readers of Design Review are interested in well made and well designed products of all kinds. Rates for advertising may be obtained on application to the Advertising Manager, Design Review, P.O. Box 528, Wellington C.1 or from accredited Advertising Agents.


A subscription is a surer way of getting your copies of Design Review regularly on publication. The subscription is 10/- for six issues post free for one year or £1 for twelve issues post free for two years, and should be sent to Design Review, 71 Hatton Street Ext., Wellington, W.3.