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Design Review: Volume 1, Issue 6 (April-May, 1949)

What is “the Architectural Centre”?

What is “the Architectural Centre”?

The Architectural Centre consists of people who share the belief that the purpose of things made and planned presupposes good design as necessary fur fulflment of living.

The aim of the Centre, therefore, is to maintain the value of design as a factor in complete living. The objects as laid down in the Constitution, are as follows:

To work for the general improvement of town and countryside.


To promote the association of persons engaged or interested in the arts and sciences concerned with planning and design.


To carry out an educational programme for the advancement of the knowledge of planning and design principles in general, as well as for the assistance of students actively engaged in architecture and town planning study.


To promote a true understanding of the arts and sciences among the community.


To collaborate with similar organizations in this and other countries.


To issue or promote or assist in the issue of books, pamphlets, periodicals and other documents relating to the above activities.

The activities of the Centre include:

Part-time School of Architecture in Wellington for architectural, town planning and other students.


Publication of Design Review.


Annual Summer School of Design.


Public exhibitions.


Meetings, talks and discussions.


There are three classes of membership: Corporate, Student and Honorary.

The entrance fee for corporate members is £1 1s., and the annual subscription £2 2s. Annual subscription for students is £1 1s.

Procedure for election of corporate membership involves nomination by a corporate member and seconding by two other corporate members. Application shall be made in writing and handed to the Secretary, from whom forms page 18 may be obtained. Applications are notified to all corporate members who have the right to lodge objections. Finally, the applicant must receive a four-fifths majority vote of the Council The proposers of new members are responsible for introducing them to the activities of the Centre.

Membership is open to any person who has marked sympathies for the objects of the Centre. Corporate members are expected to participate actively. They should be prepared at all times to share the responsibilities and duties required in carrying out the objects of the Centre.


The policy of the Centre is determined by a Council (elected annually) consisting of a President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and four elected members. In addition the following persons are ex-officio members of the Council:

The Editor of the Centre's publications, the Director of the Centre's School and the Chairman of the Student Committee.

An Executive Committee attends to day to day administration and detail. This Executive is appointed by and subject to the direction of the Council. A Student Committee which is elected annually, is responsible for the conduct of student affairs and has representation on both the Council and the Executive.

It is a recognized principle that no member shall seek personal recognition for work carried out on behalf of the Centre.

The Club Room and Library of the Centre are at 39 Johnston Street, Wellington.