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The Early Canterbury Runs: Containing the First, Second and Third (new) Series

Buccleugh — (Run 125)

(Run 125)

Buccleugh lies in the Ashburton forks between Alford Station and the South Branch. It originally took in the downs at the foot of Mt. Somers up to about where the Mt. Somers township is now, and contained twenty thousand acres.

It was taken up in May, 1855, by Brittan and Stace, who sold it to Benjamin Dowling about 1860. Dowling had just sold Heslerton.

About the end of 1862 Dowling sold Buccleugh to Captain J. McLean. Captain McLean was Dalgety and Co.'s first manager in Christchurch, and was the father of the McLeans who bought Mt. Hutt from Aynsley. He was thrown out of his buggy and killed at Winchmore. The N.Z. Loan and Mercantile took over Buccleugh from his executors about 1870 and sold it to Chamberlain and Aitken in 1871. J. H. R. Aitken was the managing partner and lived on the station until it was sold to J. E. Taylor in 1876.

Taylor kept it until 1883 when it again fell into the Loan Company's hands. In 1899 the Company sold Buccleugh to J. M. Furze, the well known English Leicester breeder, who died there in 1900. At that time it consisted of six thousand five hundred acres of freehold and carried 6000 sheep. After Furze's death the station was leased to Edward Gates of Grove Farm, who bought it in 1909. For some years Buccleugh has page 115belonged to Alan Lockhead, whose father bought it from Gates about 1910.