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Edward Louis Gruning

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Figure 153.—Wooden hooks. a, roughly made with two shank knobs (1, 1) and straight point limb (2) without inward curve; length, 160 mm. (E. L. Gruning coll.). b, ornamental hook (Fuller coll. 330): 1, snood lashed around shank knob; 2, 2, barb-like projections on shank limb and point piece; 3, four cleatlike projections; 4, four rounded knobs in midline of outer side surface, with notched raised ridges (5) extending between them; 6, point piece with carved triangular projection at outer bend; 7… Figure 61.—Atiu neck ornament from Gruning collection (after Gruning): a, whale tooth ornament (1) shaped into two balls "not more than about two inches across", connected by an upper circular lug with constricted neck around which human hair braid (?) is tied for suspension to some turns (2) of braid tied around middle of coil of many folds of finely plaited human hair of which part on right (3) was preserved but left half (4) "of hair cords completely fell away on removal" from cave site; end… Figure 62.—Cylindrical ivory beads from Gruning collection (after Gruning): seven cylindrical beads with larger ones in middle and spherical one (1) at one end; cylindrical beads show greater diameter in middle (2) and flanged ends (3); extreme length of string, 320 mm


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