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Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 12 October, 1926

About the electronic version

Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 12 October, 1926

Author: Beaglehole, John Cawte

Creation of machine-readable version: NZETC

Creation of digital images: Pip Adam

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: Pip Adam

Publicly accessible


Extent: ca. 64 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.


Every effort has been made to preserve the Māori macron using unicode.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Collection scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.

Revisions to the electronic version

  • 17 December 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Corrected various transcription errors.

  • 8 September 2004
    Colin Doig
    Added name tags to various names of people/places/organisation/titles.

  • 30 August 2004
    Jason Darwin
    General document-wide corrections: changed hyphens to em-dashes; added [orig] tags around all words hyphenated over line-breaks; changed non-monetary fractions to true fractions; specified full expansion for all abbreviations; changed hyphen in numeric ranges to en-dashes; specified supralinear additions where they appear in the text of the letter; ensured all indented paragraphs are tagged [p rend="indent"]. Corrected text on page 1: changed "Auntie Larna" to "Auntie Laura"; changed "streets of London & [unclear] enquiring " to "streets of London & unwear-ied enquiry"; changed "institutaion, of the greatsest" to "institution, of the greatest". Corrected text on page 2: changed "5/- or 2/-" to "5/- or 2/6"; added missing text "lacking in this respect, considering the state about the". Corrected text on page 3: changed "house canvas" to "house canvass"; changed "however the lady" to "However the lady"; changed "share it with" to "would share it with"; changed "only be 7/6" to "only be 17/6"; changed "proprietess" to "proprietress"; changed "from South" to "from the South"; changed "up the what" to "up [del: th] what". Corrected text on page 4: changed "brought hi round" to "brought him round"; changed "pretty dorty. Easy no" to "pretty dirty. Gas, no"; changed "[unclear: meénage]" to "meénage"; changed "aftersome inward" to "after some inward". Corrected text on page 5: changed "his trouble." to "his troubles."; changed "carry carry down the books" to "carry down the books;"; changed "; the cases," to "in the cases,"; changed "loose on a taxi" to "loose in a taxi"; changed "taxi get everything" to "taxi; get everything"; changed "up the numerous" to "up numerous"; changed "greater nuissance" to "greater nuisance". Corrected text on page 6: changed "[unclear] enough to help" to "mug enough to help"; changed "luckily we were able" to "Luckily we were able"; changed "excepting by climbing" to "except by climbing"; changed "hearts' bled" to "heart's bled"; changed "the top room" to "the top-room"; changed "its the square" to "it's the square"; changed "without my authory tell" to "with my authory till"; changed "& this" to "property & this". Corrected text on page 7: changed "uniform houses created" to "uniform houses erected"; changed "of it Give me" to "of it. Give me"; changed "than this but" to "than this buy"; changed "by me. swings" to "by me, swings"; changed "also a sofa" to "Also a sofa"; added missing text "during the day by my rug, which at night covers"; changed "fairly satisfying armchairs" to "fairly satisfactory armchairs"; changed "marble topped" to "marble-topped"; changed "gas meter" to "gas-meter". Corrected text on page 8: changed "arrange the furnitue diplomaticaly" to "arrange the furniture diplomatically"; changed "waster-paper" to "waste-paper"; changed "[unclear: devided of my]" to "denuded of my"; changed "book case; Duncan's" to "book-case; Duncan's"; changed "annoyed about then" to "annoyed about them"; changed "[unclear: Corot's]" to "Corot's"; changed "waging wlves" to "raging wolves"; changed "fine bill" to "fair bill"; changed "gather is was" to "gather it was". Corrected text on page 9: changed "or various mantelpoeces" to "on various mantelpieces"; changed "trophies of the trips?" to "trophies of the trip?"; changed "candlesticks etc" to "candlestick etc"; changed "The beauty of the house is Order: The Blesing" to "The Beauty of the House is Order: The Blessing"; changed "Duncan demanded a bit" to "Duncan demurred a bit"; changed "leeps the accounts" to "keeps the accounts"; changed "we this split" to "We thus split". Corrected text on page 10: changed "[unclear: rig]" to "viz"; changed "something useful" to "somebody useful"; changed "I got told" to "I got hold"; changed "[unclear: Provost]" to "Provost"; Corrected text on page 11: changed "sheet lights sang" to "street-lights sang"; changed "policemen underneath then" to "policemen underneath them"; changed "Duncan lets have" to "Duncan let's have"; changed "down tothe Bank" to "down to the Bank"; changed "or walk, or it is a damn" to "or walk, & it is a darn"; changed "I actually want" to "I actually went". Corrected text on page 12: changed "Glory he to God" to Glory be to God"; changed "Gene Tummey" to "Gene Tunney"; changed "afterall" to "after all"; changed "that I now" to "that I know"; changed "damned nuisance" to "darned nuisance"; changed "near the as might" to "near then as might". Corrected text on page 13: changed "Friday" to "Sunday". Corrected text on page 14: changed "Daddy;s praise" to "Daddy's praise"; changed "gap of Daddy's" to "gag of Daddy's"; changed "hand-up bookmen?" to "hard-up bookmen?"; changed "borther Erin" to "brother Ern"; changed "than Erin gave" to "than Ern gave"; changed "wish Erin luck in his formal" to "wish Ern luck in his final"; changed "done his nest" to "done his best"; changed "subgect about 18" to "subject about 18"; changed "me own original" to "my own original". Corrected text on page 15: changed "do crossed" to "be crossed"; changed "Moore's damn it" to "Moore's, darn it"; changed "Erin had better" to "Ern had better"; changed "N.Go are still" to "M.Gs are still"; changed "though the damn" to "though the darn"; changed "even get another" to "ever get another"; changed "which is extrememly" to "which is extremely"; changed "by the file of F.his" to "by a file of F.h's"; changed "High Commissions" to "High Commis"; changed "re Mc G." to "re McG."; changed "damn quacks" to "darn quacks". Corrected text on page 16: changed "those permits" to "those prints"; changed "opinion of my genereal" to "opinion of my general"; changed "apacity & culture." to "capacity & culture."; changed "Colege (b)" to "College (b)"; changed "Jeanne didn;t" to "Jeanne didn't". Corrected text on page 17: changed "which sisn;t interest" to "which didn't interest"; changed "thank his big stuff" to "than his big stuff"; changed "pain of Berries" to "pain of Berrie"; changed "though Berri's" to "though Berrie's"; changed "may decent too" to "very decent too"; changed "mob of humans" to "mob of harriers". Corrected text on page 18: changed "just asI was realy" to "just as I was really"; changed "more stuff our" to "more stuff out"; changed "troble apparently" to "trouble apparently"; changed "bought to Berrie" to "bought. So Berrie". Corrected text on page 19: added missing text "your letters. So Uncle Alec hardly seems to be one of"; changed "bit, of you" to "bit, if you"; changed "eberybody had" to "everybody had"; changed "astonidhing amount" to "astonishing amount"; changed "Alas a very" to "Also a very"; changed "damn things" to "darn things"; changed "footing little" to "farthing little". Corrected text on page 20: changed "(to damn" to "(too darn"; changed "finishes up You" to "finishes up Yrs"; changed "Keithles efforst I suppose I'd" to "Keithles efforts I suppose I'll"; changed "I said also" to "I send also".

  • 1 March 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered TEI Header: added extent of electronic file, altered format of XML, fixed respStmts for fileDesc.

  • 9 January 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered spacing of markup.

  • 7 January 2004
    Rob George
    altered spacing of markup and page 2 line 20 unclear removed from 'Englishman's'and page 9 line 10 approx unclear removed from 'hortatory'

  • 30 May 2005
    Kamala Bain
    Corrected text on page 17: "a stunner pain of Berrie" to "a stunner pair of Berrie"