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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 50

Daily Program for First Term, 1883-4

Class. Div'n. 9:00——11:00. 11:00——1:00 1: 20——3: 20. Third Year A. Machine Shop. Geometry. Mechanics. RECSS, 20 MINUTES. Drawing. History and Literature. B. Geometry. Mechanics. Machine Shop. French. Drawing. Second Year A. Forging Shop. Drawing. Algebra. Physics. History and Literature. B. Drawing. Algebra. Forging Shop. Latin. Physics. R. Algebra. Drawing. History and Literature. Physics. Forging Shop. A. Woodworking Shop. Arithmetic. Geography, or Nal. History. Drawing. English Lessons. First Year B. Drawing. Arithmetic. Woodworking Shop. Geography, or Nat. History. English Lessons. X. Arithmetic. Drawing. Geography, or Nat. History. Latin. Woodworking Shop. Y. Arithmetic. Geography, or Nat. History. Woodworking Shop. Latin. Drawing. * Exercises In Penmanship, Elocution, and Composition two or three times per week in place of Science or Language study.

Daily Program for First Term, 1883-4.