Vana Manasiadis

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                                        Transported then? Trash
The city will follow you. The streets in which you pace
                                        trace sex translated. The trails are
will be the same, you'll haunt the same familiar places,
                                        slow without electricty
and inside those same houses you'll grow old.
                                        without a stop-watch to pause the breathing
You'll always end up in this city. Don't bother to hope
                                        Proskynētés: say what you are here for
for a ship, a route, to take you somewhere else; they don't exist.
                                        Who is your object? Who are you nearing?
Just as you've destroyed your life, here in this
                                        There are buoys off the Kayetbai,
small corner, so you've wasted it through all the world.
                                        the pier from which we jump.

the windows binding to sweat and dehydration. And sand. I'm not sure I'd have said anything
about Heraclitus' view that souls are mixtures of fire and water, or mentioned the sun searing
a red hole through the roof. But I might have whispered, There came to Alexandria a foreigner
who asked to be given work in the guardhouse below the tower; and for years no one
entertained any suspicion of him until one day he stole the mirror and threw it into the sea
. Or,

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